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Find Us At
Campus Center
© Duke University 2017

At the Brodhead Center, experiences bring people together and relationships are forged. The heart of Campus Center, this is a gathering place where the Duke community comes alive. Inside, students, faculty, staff, groups and organizations can gather for an incredible selection of delicious meals and incredible experiences. Meet with friends, check out live entertainment, add your voice to the topics that matter to you, drive cultural change, host a house meal, be part of an organization, and explore authentic flavors—the Brodhead Center is where friends connect, ideas are exchanged, and lasting memories are made.

416 Chapel Drive
Durham, NC 27708


Au Bon Pain Café

Chef's Kitchen

Devil's Krafthouse

Ginger + Soy


Il Forno


JB's Roast & Chops

Skillet Southern Cookery



The Commons

The Farmstead

Other Features

Teaching Kitchen

Performance Venue

Family-Style Dining

Rooftop Seating

Spaces for Reservation

Comfortable Lounges

A/V Capabilities

Drink Stations

Pop-Up Restaurants